Poster and book design for the Communication Design course, to formulate a visual concept to present the ideas and optimism espoused by Alun Anderson in his response about solar energy to the Edge Foundation's 2007 World Question. The circular form of the Sun is used as the symbol of the campaign. The book expands on solar energy and sustainability as well the extensive research process. The posters advanced into the semi-finals for the 2007 Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

March 2007

The Future is Bright  40" x 27" \ Vector illustration

The Changing Phase of Energy  40" x 27" \ Photo: NASA SOHO

Chapter end  17" x 8.5" \ Photo: Michael Wolf

Table of contents  17" x 8.5" \ Photo: Andreas Gursky

Chapter conclusion  17" x 8.5"

Technology articles  17" x 8.5"

Personal reflection  17" x 8.5"

Citations from literature  17" x 8.5"