A collection of code I wrote to scratch my own itch. Most of these lack serious documentation and are not yet mature to release into public code repositories. All source code is under the MIT License; I am only providing them here for reference, and am in no way endorsing their use (yet), so use at your own risk.

Site Deployment Toolkit started May 2010
A simple application to compile JavaScript and minify CSS, then combine and flexibly integrate the result into the site. Link
FEB Framework started March 2010
The FEB Framework is a light and unobtrusive set of PHP scripts that allow you to write HTML templates, in HTML, but in a DRY fashion. It also does a better job of separating content from presentation by storing content in separate XML files. The ultimate goal is not to create a robust templating framework with its own syntax , but one that is easily understood, plays well with others, and most importantly light. Link
CSS Framework started December 2008
Reset; collapsible sections; fixed and flexible wrappers; fluid, nest-able grid system; object-oriented structure with modules; progressive enhancement and support for media types; ie stylesheets stack; documentation; etc. Link
WordPress Developer Suite started March 2009
Security tweaks; deployment scripts; helper functions to make WordPress code more concise; FirePHP debugging; HTML tag generator; custom RSS feeds; theme Singleton class; loosely-coupled custom template tags; automatic theme assets loading, queue, and display; etc. Link
JQuery Plugins started April 2009
Slideshow using hoverIntent; tooltip; equal columns. Link
Processing Basic Suite started April 2009
Core classes; skin classes; utility classes. Link