Hello, I’m 王朋. (5)
I use design, art, and code (7)
To make small wonders. (5)

During the day, I am focused on web design and development. During the night, I am interested in exploring the intersection of visual art and software processes.

I have lived in Beijing, Miami, and San Diego. I am currently in Los Angeles.

Other Places You'll Find Me

As a kid, I enjoyed copying and changing the art in games, cartoons, movies, and comics. This hobby grew into a passion for illus­tration. In college, it branched from tradi­tional art into communi­cation design and new media. Upon gra­duating, it formally branched into inter­active web techno­logies. I am always looking to learn and train to be pro­gressively creative and prolific in all my familiar media. I tend to program solo, but love collabo­rative projects, critiques, and workshops. I believe in sustain­ability, maintain­ability, and practi­cality. My leisure time involves wandering and dabbling in things ranging from learning music to creating stories to op-eds. I wish to make small, wonder­ful things for life with images, words, and code.

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